Level System

At Texture we have different levels of stylist based upon their experience and dedication to elevate their craft. Each Level has a different price point.  Please feel free to find one that suits your needs.

Open Chair Policy

We want to fit all your needs as a client.  Many clients see diffierent stylist.  Please feel free to try any stylist.




  • 3/14 J Beverly Hill Spring updo class

  • 3/18 J Beverly Hill Spring  Techniques

  • 4/15 Balayage Colour class with Boss Society

  • 4/26 Hair Camp (4 Day new trend technique class)

  • 5/13 Corrective color class with Boss Society

  • 5/28 J Beverly Hill Spring Cutting Technique class

  • 6/17 J Beverly Hills Mens Cutting 

  • 6/18 J Beverly Hill Vivids Class

  • 9/9 J Beverly Hills Fall foil techniques

  • 9/23 Blonde Barbie class Boss Society

  • 10/1 Elevate (4 day hands on class)