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What is Accufit?

Modern-day Body Sculpting

Accufit is a body sculpting technology that builds, strengthens, and tones muscles with no exercise. The AccuFit muscle-building treatment emits powerful electrical pulses that stimulate thousands of muscle contractions in a short office visit. These contractions are the equivalent of months of intensive exercise.


  • Simulates a full dynamic workout to abs, buttocks, or thighs.

  • Builds muscle mass and increases basal metabolic rate Improves workout stamina and strength.

  • Customizes the muscle stimulations to the specific area.

  • Multiple areas of the body can be treated simultaneously for fast results.

Qualify & Try Accufit Bodysculpting for Less! 

    Get your body in the shape of your dreams with Accufit, our latest innovation.

    •    Only $100 and a 15-minute live demo. 

    •    Feel the results instantly before committing.

    •    Schedule a quick consult call.

Bodysculpting Sale!

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"Blows all your expectations out of the water. Highly recommended.10 out of 10. Non-invasive. Non-surgical. No pain."

Kathryn @sweatpantsnstilettos

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Are you a candidate for Accufit?

Accufit provides benefits for people looking to get back into physical fitness to exercise programs, involved in competitive fitness/beauty events, those recovering from injury looking to build endurance, and more. If this is you, book an appointment with our Esthetics team to talk about Accufit.

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