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Nurse Susan will be seeing patients on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

Aesthetic Injectables

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Meet Susan.

Susan Copanos R.N, BSN

Aesthetics Nurse at Texture Salon and Skincare

Once we take care of ourselves, the chaos becomes more manageable.   S.C.

At Texture Salon and Skincare, we believe in embracing the beauty of aging gracefully. As an Aesthetics Nurse provider, Susan Copanos specializes in helping men and women of all ages look and feel their best. We provide custom treatments that are tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to achieve a confident and radiant appearance.

At SC Aesthetics, patient-centered care and safety are the top priority. By using innovative, science-based FDA approved products and incorporating the latest and safest injection techniques, patients can feel confident that their injector will customize a treatment plan designed to achieve their personal goals.  We strive to make each visit a positive experience and leave you feeling refreshed and confident.

What We Offer.

How do you slow down aging?

We believe anti-aging and preventative self-care is a multidisciplinary approach, and receiving injectable treatments is only one aspect of care. We should understand that our injections are only as good as the recipient’s hydration, nutrition, genetics, sun exposure, lifestyle, and topical skin care regimen.

Together, by adding little help, we can bring out your natural beauty with treatments by our magicians.  



Anti-Aging/Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments using Botulinum A Toxin. 

Brands offered Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, or Xeomin.

Filler Treatments


B12 Vitamin Injections $50 each

Pricing by Area

  • Lip Flip 

  • Chin 

  • Masseters “Clenching, Grinding, Chipmunk Cheek” 

  • Neck/Jawline Contour “Nefertiti Necklift Plus”

  • Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Underarm Sweating

Treatment Areas

  • Forehead

  • Glabellar “11’s, Eyebrow Furrow, Scowl lines”

  • Lateral Canthal Lines “Crows Feet”

  • Eyebrow Lift

  • Bunny Lines/Nasal Snarl Lines

  • Gummy Smile

  • Lip Flip (as additional treatment area)

  • Perioral Rhytids “Smokers Lines”

  • DAO “Frown Lines”

  • Platysmal/Neck Bands


Any additional units needed to achieve desired result will be charged at $10 per unit

Susan's  Bio.

Susan has a distinguished career in nursing after graduating from UMASS Lowell in 1999. She has provided critical care to adult patients in various clinical settings such as the Surgical I.C.U., Cardiothoracic I.C.U., and the Cardiac Cath Lab. While traveling to NYC, she worked alongside a prominent Plastic Surgeon's group caring for their V.I.P clients. She is passionate about Aesthetics and Wellness and is committed to caring for patients holistically. Susan continues to enhance her knowledge of Aesthetics and shares it with her patients. As a busy mother of two, she recognizes the importance of self-care and helps both men and women achieve their Aesthetic goals.

Please call us to schedule an appointment or consultation with our Registered Nurse, Susan Copanos.
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I could not be happier with my experience, Susan was attentive and EXTREMELY detailed. She went over everything with me prior, and made me feel very informed and at ease during the process. I could have sworn I saw results that next morning! I will definitely be back for all my needs!!!

Carolyn V.

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